Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

We’re all guilty of forgetting to get a gift in advance of the mad rush just before Christmas, or having present-giving fear and wanting to grab a few more bits to give on Christmas morning. If this is you – I’ve got you covered.

Here are a few bits you can grab on Amazon Prime, or in your local shops that you will still be able to get in time for the big day!


Everyone loves chocolate and it’s a great gift on it’s own and a fab stocking filler too!

There’s soooo much chocolate in the supermarket around Christmas, so it’s super easy to grab, and something that I love to do is create your own Chocolate tin. I do this because I can’t have normal chocolate tins like Quality Street or Roses (my GOD the day they make a vegan, GF tin I will be placing an order for at least 100 – and I’m really not even joking), so I buy a few different vegan chocolates and put them in a tin.

This is a great idea for friends or family who can’t have the classics, but is also a nice touch to have created something a little more personal with their favs.

Bottle of Fizz

A bottle of Champagne, Prosecco or even No-Secco is super easy to pick up from the local supermarket or even corner shop. This makes a perfect addition to any gift, or as with chocolate, a great present on its own. You could pick up both Prosecco and chocolate and you’re onto a winner there!


Books are one of my favourite things to receive at Christmas and also one of my favourite things to gift. Especially if it’s a book I’ve read and loved and am able to purchase it for someone else knowing they will love it too!

My local Sainsburys and Tesco are full of books, with many great classics and a great selection of new releases, so if you’re in a present buying panic, go over to the supermarket and see if there’s anything there. My tip is to look for books you’ve read and loved, check for new releases or if they’ve been shortlisted for awards (you can usually tell from the stickers), or grab your phone and have a Google.

This will be a failsafe for all personalities, ages and genders and means that even though it was a last minute purchase for you, it still has thought behind it.

Write a Letter

You might be thinking that is the worst idea ever, but some of my favourite and most precious gifts are those that have been made or written.

Toby used to always make me a card for Christmas and birthdays, and it was the gift I would look forward to the most because it was created especially for me and with lots of time and attention.

If you can’t find a present, or have no time or can’t afford something, then put pen to paper, or grab a card and write something heartfelt. It’s actually a lovely experience to do and the person receiving it will be so happy that you have taken the time to do so.

Amazon Prime Now

If all else fails and you just need to get something ASAP but you have zero time to pop out to any local shops, supermarkets or into town or the city, Amazon has the option to get deliver that day.

Honestly, I’ve done this a few times now and it still blows my mind every time, but a lot of products are actually available for delivery later that day. You might have to order before midday and it will arrive pretty late, but it’s a lifesaver if you just can’t get out of the office, you aren’t able to go out, or you have other things you need to get on with.

You can choose to filter products that arrive today, or tomorrow on the top left-hand side of Amazon, and this shows you the products that are available in that delivery time-frame. You might not find exactly what you’re looking for, however there is still a huge selection on there and you’ll be able to find something for sure.