Interior Focus: Tiles

Interior Focus: Tiles

I spoke about Art Deco style earlier this month, and it got my interior mind revved up and back in full swing (much to Toby’s despair)!

We’ve been thinking about changing some of the flooring in our home for a really long time now, and we need to make some decisions about what to go for. So far we have made a few changes, but there’s still room for a re-fresh and tiles are my next target!

In our bathroom, we’ve gone for a quintessential mix of a black and white tile. There’s nothing more clean, fresh, but also classic, and reliable than a black and white tile pattern in a bathroom. I typically like to be unique and go for something a little more out there, but there’s a reason why some colour palettes, patterns and styles are timeless, and it’s because they work.

I’m super happy with the bathroom and think that the tile works well with the classic sink and helps tie in the bright white theme, while adding some texture and style.



Our kitchen is the room that we need to focus on updating at the moment and this is where I thought I’d share some of my inspiration and ideas.

Patterned floor tiles is where both my head and heart are taking me, and to be honest, after looking at green and blue wall tiles, I’m very tempted to update those too!

A pattern will create the feel of a longer and bigger kitchen, which is ideal for our city-terrace galley kitchen. Often people are afraid of patterns, especially on the floor with the view that it will make a space feel smaller and more cramped, but it actually does the opposite.



Having a smaller pattern especially, will trick the eye into thinking that there’s a lot more floor space than there actually is, which is ideal for smaller spaces. This is a great tip if you live in a flat or apartment, or have a small kitchen or bathroom. I think this is the style of tile I’m going to go for, as I think it will work nicely with the colour of our kitchen cupboards which is Railings by Farrow & Ball.

Our lounge has wood effect flooring, and our hallway boasts beautiful wooden floorboards, but I was shocked to learn that you can actually get wood effect flooring in the form of porcelain tiles. This is a fantastic idea for spaces that need to have a hard-wearing surface, where kids, pets and a lot of foot traffic are passing though, especially if all of the above and coming in from outside!



It’s easy to clean and maintain so it would be a great choice for hallways, but I also think this would be perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where the floor can often get wet or damp, or have food spilled or dropped. Wooden flooring is very durable, but steamy showers and accidental cooking spillages are going to weather it a lot faster and even warp the wood, so porcelain wood effect tiles are the answer to all of these problems!

While I bear that in mind for my dining room (which has the double doors out into our courtyard garden so always takes some time to clean), I’m going to finalise my kitchen flooring decisions and try and stop myself from ripping off all my wall tiles and replacing them all with a beautiful coloured combination!