How to Make a Victorian House a Home

How to Make a Victorian House a Home

Victorian houses are probably my favourite type of property. These houses are known as Victorian properties because they were built from 1837 to 1901 when, you guessed it, Queen Victoria ruled. Victorian, or ‘Viccy’ houses are quite often terraced houses (like mine), and come with a range of features that only Victorian houses can offer.

If anyone else also loves character as much as I do, and is buying, renting, or already lives in a Victorian property, here are four things I recommend when renovating or decorating your home.



Embrace Period Features

The best thing about a Victorian house is that it comes with some amazing features that modern houses and new builds just can’t compete with. I’m talking ceiling roses, fireplaces, and bay and sash windows.

By keeping these original features, you add a touch of character to your home and keep a piece of history too!




Create a Dichotomy Between Old and New

Having these old features are perfect for coupling with newer, more modern decor and interior design pieces.

I love pairing old iron fireplaces with modern geometric tiles, adding a bright, bold wallpaper to a room with a statement ceiling rose and installing a cosy big sofa that fits perfectly into a bay window. This mashup of periods creates a unique and quirky style that I absolutely love!




Invest in Double Glazing

Victorian houses are likely to have single glazed windows, or windows which haven’t been updated in a number of years and this is probably the most important thing to work on if you’re planning on staying in your property for a long time, or even if it’s temporary to be honest.

I lived in a Victorian property which still had single glazing and my housemates and I struggled with mould, condensation and dampness, to the point where our bedsheets and household items would feel cold and wet. Trust me – it’s not something you want to experience!

Most people get double glazing to keep their houses warmer, and this is a great reason to invest, but it can also keep your home cooler in the summer, reduce energy costs, let in less noise and increase your properties safety.

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows click here.




Fix Any Issues Before It’s Too Late

Windows, damp, unsealed chimneys and lack of ventilation are a few issues that arise from a Viccy house. They’re pretty annoying to fix and can be costly, but you’ll want to address any of these issues before they get out of hand. Leaving things to get worse will probably result in the problem getting worse and therefore more expensive to fix.

Take stock of any problems around your home and list them in order of priority. Having this list will mean that you can spend wisely and pace yourself over time, ensuring that very important issues are resolved first.




I love living in an older property and when we do eventually move from Bristol, we will try and find a similar style so that we can really make use of the period features and incorporate them with our more modern touches.


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