Gifting Tips

Gifting Tips

Gifting is one of my absolute favourite things to do at any time of the year! When birthdays role around, special occasions, or most importantly, Christmas and advent, I get extremely excited to buy presents for everyone!

For me, gift giving is a long process and I love every step. I take a lot of joy in researching the perfect presents for friends and family, purchasing the gifts, wrapping (I LOVE wrapping presents), having the presents under my tree to adore, and then gifting them!

Some people are super easy to buy for and I never get stuck for ideas, but we all have those family members or friends who have everything and never ask for anything either. In order to keep the ideas flowing year after year, I’ve found a few things that make Christmas gifting as easy and effective as possible – just call me Mrs Claus (no really, please do)!

Keep a note of Christmas present ideas throughout the year

This sounds like work, but it’s very simple and can actually save you a lot of time when it comes to Christmas shopping. I use the notes on my phone to keep an ongoing list of present ideas throughout the year. It might seem a little strange but you’d be surprised at the amount of things that come up randomly in conversation or that you see in the shops or online that are great gift ideas. And as much as you like to think you’ll keep them in mind for Christmas, when you’ve heard something in passing in May, you probably won’t remember it in December!

The ideas I’m talking about are mostly recommendations or things other people rave about. For example, if someone tells me about something great they’ve tried recently and it’s something I think someone else will like I’ll note it down. This is mostly homeware, kitchenware, board games, candles, diffusers and beauty products.

Think about different places to buy from

Other great ideas come from watching things like Dragons Den and researching things on start up sites like Kickstarter! Honestly, the amount of times I’ve seen things on a TV show or from a small company that I think are amazing ideas. What’s great about this too is that these are usually new businesses or novel ideas, so are things that people won’t already have.

Ideas from here are things like new tech, subscription services, clever problem solving gifts and specific niche things that no one has, so you know you won’t give something the recipient already has! This is where you want to be looking if there’s someone you need to buy for who has everything!

Write down things people like or comment on

This is probably the most simple and obvious way to buy, but again, your memory might not be as good as you think, so note down anything people say they like. If a friend comes over and comments on how much they like something – note it down! I’ve done this so many times for things like hand cream and hand washes, pieces of art or homeware, skincare or beauty products and even various snacks or treats. If someone is enthusiastic about something you have, they’ll probably be really excited about receiving it from you too!

If all else fails, focus on hobbies!

This is my go-to when it comes to difficult people, and by difficult people I mainly mean the men in my life! A combination of Amazon Prime and having a tech loving family means that my dad, brother and boyfriend have always already got everything they’ll ever want or need. My trick, however, is to do some digging into one of their hobbies to try and find something they might have overlooked. Most of the time you can find something related to a hobby or interest that’s new, or re-released or packaged up especially for Christmas.

This could be loosely linked, like a ‘build your own synth’ that I got for my partner for his birthday, or a the music related puzzle I got him for Christmas last year. It might not be directly related to their hobby, but it’s related in a way that means they’ll love it and want to use it!

Hopefully these tips are helpful for your Christmas shopping and even if you’ve already bought most of your presents for this year, these tips are great to remember for next year and other occasions too!