Getting Rid of Negativity

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Holding onto negativity is probably one of the worst things you can do, but something we all do in different ways throughout our lives. Sometimes we don’t even realise were doing it, and struggle to recognise the effects these things have on our mental and emotional health. 

Negativity can come in so many forms, and that’s what makes it so hard to identify and resolve. I can certainly say I’ve had my fair share of negativity and through a busy schedule, feeling guilty and even loyalty to others, I’ve allowed myself to be weighed down to the point of feeling completely negative about everything.

Obviously not all negativity is quite so extreme and removing this from your life can be as simple as curbing a bad habit, taking  yourself away from social media for a couple of days, or just learning to say no to social activities you feel pressured to be a part of. 

Once you start to control this part of your life, you’ll start to feel more confident, happier and much more positive. Doing something physical can act like a placebo in jump-starting your positive mindset, and I have a few tips to help kick out the negativity and invite positivity. 



Think about the people in your life.

It seems a bit cut-throat, but if you are finding certain situations or people are causing you negativity, remove them from your life. Why would you keep putting yourself into a situation, or surrounding yourself with people that only make you feel sad or zapped of energy? 

It took me 29 years to learn this lesson so this is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but when you learn the power of saying no to coffee with that friend who makes you feel low, or skipping a night out drinking when you know it will impact you negatively, you’ll find navigating your own happiness so much easier.




Take advice on board.

In a similar vein, it’s important to confide in those around you and take their advice on board. Sometimes situations, work, people or relationships can have a huge effect on you and you can’t even see it. This isn’t unusual, especially when it comes to those who are in violent and abusive relationships or think that how their company works is normal in all businesses. Talking to friends can help you gain perspective on things, and chances are they know you better than you know yourself and will be able to highlight areas of negativity that you didn’t even know were there. 



Asses whether you are happy in your job.

A personal one for me is ensuring that you are happy at work. We spend so much of our lives at work and so much of our time with our colleagues that it is SO important to love what you do and love who you do it with. As humans, we get sucked into routine and norms and think ‘no job is perfect’, but your job doesn’t have to be bad either. I have loved some of my jobs, and hated others. To the point where I have actually thought ‘if I crash my car right now I won’t have to go to work today’ – this is not ok!! I think it was at this point that I realised this isn’t right and something needs to change. This is more than just a bad day and life is too short to wish your days, weeks and months away sitting in a job that doesn’t inspire you. 

Of course we need to earn money to live; and most of us have partners, children, mortgages and responsibilities we’re committed to, so sacking in your job and going off to ‘find yourself’ isn’t really an option. However you can change your company, your industry, do some temp work, or re-train while being paid and continuing as you were, but as a happier version of you! Feeling trapped at work is silly because it’s actually such an easy fix and leaving is never as bad as you think it’s going to be. If you’re really unhappy, things can’t get any worse by making a change can they?



Smudge the positivity away.

Moving onto more physical things you can do to alter your own little universe, I would start with smudge sticks. These are bundles of herbs which are used to cleanse the air around you and even yourself. Smudge sticks tend to be made of sage and the best way to use them is to set an intention before lighting and then you wave them slowly around yourself and your home. Sage actually cleanses the air of bugs and bacteria so even if you’re skeptical about the spiritual aspect of smudge sticks, there is scientific proof for clearing the air at least!

I like to speak out loud, expelling negativity and inviting in positivity and good vibes, along with health and happiness. I’m a big believer in telling the universe what you want to achieve and receive and the power of manifestation, so for me, saying these words out loud makes the thoughts in my head a more physical and powerful entity.



Harness the power of crystals.

I use crystals for lots of different things, but one main thing I have used crystals for in the last couple of years is to expel negativity from corners of my home – and my mind!

I bought about as much raw black tourmaline as I could and have these sitting in every room. I also keep them on my desk, in my car and for a long while, in my handbag! I have replaced the ones in my bag with crystals which have more purpose in my life at this current time, however I recommend carrying black tourmaline wherever you go to protect you from the negativity that other people can push onto you if you are having a particularly hard time. Black tourmaline is the more protective stone you can have against negativity and helps to ground you which is so important, especially in the UK where we rarely practice natural grounding outside and in nature. 

Again, this is a physical thing and not everyone will believe in the power of crystals and these alternative techniques, however at the very least they are a reminder not to let negative situations get the better of you, and if a small reminder is enough to keep a healthy mind, I would say you’re winning!

Think about your home, friends, job and life in general and identify areas that could be forcing unwanted negativity into your day to day and think about what you can do to address this. Once you have you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted and wonder why you didn’t do this before.


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