Fun & Games With Jaques of London

Fun & Games With Jaques of London

Every year I look forward to buying gifts for my nieces and friends children for Christmas, birthdays and any occasion in between!

I really do get a lot of joy from gifting, so not knowing what to buy for a certain ages is truly a nightmare for me! Not having children of my own yet, means that I’m typically left totally guessing what is age appropriate, or just appropriate in general! That being said, I now have a secret weapon, and that is Jaques of London.

Established 1795, Jaques is the oldest games company and sports manufacturer in the world. Passed down from father to son for eight generations, Jaques have been responsible for inventing many well known games, such as Croquet, Ping Pong, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Tiddledy Winks, The Staunton Chess Set, Happy Families, Snap and many more. As a family who have been inventing and making toys & games since 1795, they believe in the power of play and quality family time spent together.

Wooden toys are my all time favourite. These are the toys I remember most from being a child, and are toys that I want to invest in for my own children one day, and they’re certainly at the top of my list when it comes to gifting.

I think it’s really important for children to have simple and tactile toys to play with, and a huge bonus is also including an element of learning. Jaques offer fantastic educational toys and games for children of all ages, and even some for adults too!

I personally love that you can search by age. I have been known to question parents in shopping aisles to ask if a toy is appropriate for a certain age group, because if you don’t have kids yourself, it’s a total gamble! When shopping for my nieces for Christmas this year, I was able to simply choose the age I am buying for and all the guesswork was taken away!

It’s nice to be able to treat my nieces to a surprise without having to check that the toys are age appropriate and not something they’re already past in terms of interest, or that they’re going to put aside for a year and get forgotten about.

After having a thorough browse of the website, I settled on two beautiful gifts for my two beautiful nieces and I know they’re going to love them!

This London bus is such an iconic gift. It’s wonderfully made, and the double decker level makes it so much fun to play with. It’s such a great gift for younger children, and as someone who loves London, a perfect gift for me to play with too!

I wanted to get this biscuit tin with wooden biscuits because my niece is really into biscuit tins at the moment, and this is something I can so relate to as I was exactly the same as a child! The wooden biscuits are beautifully crafted and are really cute and realistic! I know my niece is going to absolutely love playing with these, and I’m not gonna lie… I’m a little jealous!