Six Tips For Planning a Wedding in 2021

Six Tips For Planning a Wedding in 2021

Dare I say it… wedding season is back and better than ever!

I know so many of you have been waiting not only months, but years now for your wedding, and where some people have still been able to go ahead and have the wedding of their dreams, for most, it’s been a more stressful affair.

With restrictions currently lifted more than they have been in the last 18 months, so many of your beautiful brides have had to reschedule, re-jig, re-shuffle and in some cases, completely re-work your wedding plans.

I’m not planning a wedding myself, but those I know who’ve got weddings coming up are hoping for a smooth planning process more than ever, and I thought I could give you a few tips in my experience as a bridesmaid and working with wedding brands to help make things as easy as possible. Whether you just need some help with the extra details, or you’re throwing something together last minute and on a tight budget, these tips might just tick some tasks off your wedding to-do list!


Prioritise the Dresses

Whether you decide to go for a big wedding, or something a little on the smaller side, you need to ensure both you and your bridesmaids have something to wear! You may already have your wedding dress, but if you don’t it’s probably one of the first things you want to organise, along with your bridesmaid dresses. There’s lots of places to help you find a bridesmaid dress, or even find a prom dress to suit you and your girls (prom dresses tend to be a great option if you’re unable to find the style of bridesmaid dresses you were looking for), and you can even look at places like ASOS and with next day delivery as easy returns this could save you time and money.

Once you know this is sorted it takes a huge weight off, as all of the other plans can upscale, downscale or completely change, but the dresses will be a constant.

From experience, it can take a long time to book in fittings and adjustments at the best of times, and with a post-covid wedding boom, a lot of seamstresses are booked up for a while. By having the dresses organised early, you have plenty of time (or as much time as you can give yourself) to have the adjustments made before the big day.



Consider Something on The Smaller Side

No-one wants to have to compromise on their special day, but the reality is that if you don’t have a venue, food suppliers or other elements of your wedding already booked, you might find it more difficult to find a date, or certain services might be more expensive due to demand.

As much as it might be a hard decision to make, choosing to reduce your guest list and go for something slightly smaller will not only make it more likely that you can have the style of wedding you like, but it will make things much more affordable too.

A smaller wedding doesn’t mean compromising on the magic, and having something a little more intimate can make your big day that bit more special, and don’t forget – you can always have a party to celebrate your first anniversary to make up for the things you may not have included the first time!



Make it a Family Affair

I was recently talking to friends and family about weddings, and we all agreed that back when older generations got married, things were much more intimate and friends, family and even the local community were far more involved. This could be a grandmother taking care of the flowers, a neighbour baking the wedding cake, a family wedding dress passed down for the bride, and everyone pulling together to hand-make decorations and bring food and drink along.

This is a far cry from the weddings we see trending on Instagram and Tik Tok, but the planning, decorating and sharing of responsibilities can be so much fun, and as well as the bride and groom taking on less stress, the guests, family and wider community feel a part of something special too.

We attended a friend’s wedding a couple of weeks ago and due to Covid they had built, planned and created their dream wedding at her parents house, with their friends and family and it made it feel that bit more special knowing the work and attention to detail everyone involved had contributed. They even had caterers cancel on them at the last minute so ended up with a very different outcome to their original plan, but the emphasis was on family, friends and love – what a wedding should be about!



Get a Photo App

Having as many photos as you can of your dream day is extremely important. You’re only going to live that day once and you probably won’t have all your family, friends and loved ones together in one place, at one time ever again, so capturing these moments is top priority.

Having a photographer is key, but everyone attending will probably be taking their own pictures, and capturing moments that a photographer might miss. These candid shots and multiple perspectives can create so many special memories of your big day, so try using a photo app where your guests can share their photos so you can ensure you have a copy of all of them without having to ask everyone and end up with a WhatsApp full of photos!

It also means you have access to hundreds of photos straight after the big day, so you can relive the magic without having to wait for your photographer to edit and send, potentially weeks later. Wedding Photo Swap allows you to share all the beautiful memories from the day quickly and easily.



Don’t Forget The Little Details

Once all the major details are in place; the dress, the guest-list and the venue, it’s all about the little details and these things can not only be expensive, but annoying to buy, store and then re-sell or give away after the wedding.

Little Wedding Things has overcome this problem by offering the ‘Little Wedding Things’ at affordable prices, with the option to have the pieces set up on your special day, taking the pressure off you and your partner when setting up.

Little Wedding Things helps couples to add the finishing touches to their day but not at the usual ‘wedding prices’, meaning you can probably afford to dress certain areas of your venue and add simple touches that you might not have considered due to price or accessibility.

A few of their most popular hire items are welcome signs, umbrella baskets and blankets – I mean, if you’re getting married in the UK there’s always the chance of rain and cold temperatures!

They also offer incredible pieces which can not only add a finishing touch, but that can become the centre piece such as a vintage bike, churns, ladders and seating plans.




Ride In Style

With so much emphasis on guests and ensuring everyone else is having an amazing time, it’s easy to forget that this is your big day. You might have treated yourself to the dress you wanted, and be surrounded by your closest friends and family, but travelling in style is a simple way to elevate your day and the right car can make you feel really special.

Not only is finding the perfect car important for the bride, but it’s a great way to treat your groom as you can hire the obvious classics, but also supercars or vintage cars too!

I know this is the part of the day my boyfriend is most excited for, and as a bride we get so much of the attention and fancy little extras throughout the day, it’s a nice way to celebrate and treat the one we love. You can choose groom specific choices, so he can make his entrance in a car he aspires to own, or you can choose something you both love to leave the venue in together.

Wedding transport is something that can be easily overlooked with everything else going on, or just another thing to be checked off the list, but it can be one the centrepieces of the day. The private conversations and moments on the way to your big day, and the first drive as a married couple leaving the ceremony will be memories you keep for the rest of your life.




Whether you’re still holding out for your dream wedding, or you’ve chosen to do something a little more intimate, I wish you the best of luck for your big day and I can’t wait to hear all about it!



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