Five Tips For Growing Plants & Flowers In Small Spaces

Five Tips For Growing Plants & Flowers In Small Spaces

I love the idea of growing my own veg and having a garden full of big plants and flowers. Having an allotment or a beautiful big garden and having the satisfaction of creating meals with food I’ve grown myself, picking flowers and enjoying the beautiful colours is something I’ve looked forward to since moving from my flat to a house and having a garden to enjoy.

During Covid when everyone started stripping the shops of literally all food I realised how important it is to be self-sufficient in more ways than I already am and it inspired me to really try and grow some fruit, veg and herbs myself this spring and summer.

Living in a city, with a tiny courtyard garden is less than ideal, but not impossible when it comes to growing food and beautiful plants.



Here are 5 tips for growing plants at home!




Start Simple With Herbs


If you have barely any outdoor space and an allotment isn’t an option for you, make use of the space you do have. Think windowsills and surfaces with lots of light. Start with herbs like mint, basil, coriander, rosemary, and thyme.

These might not be enough to make a meal, but you can use these herbs for drinks, garnishes and to add to meals to add flavour and texture. They are cheap and easy to grow, and don’t take up a lot of space so it is the perfect step into growing your own food and look beautiful too which is an extra home decor bonus!


Invest in a Mini Greenhouse


A small garden space or inner city balcony, calls for a small greenhouse! And no, I don’t mean filling your garden or balcony with an imposing structure, I’m talking about a small, but mighty shelving system that can help you grow veg in the smallest of outside spaces.

You can pick these up in most garden centres, and can even have it delivered the next day on Amazon. They are affordable and offer protection and a better environment for growing plants and veggies in your garden.


Use The Right Soil


I’m guilty of popping to the local supermarket, or grabbing some soil from the garden centre without really paying much attention. It’s not something that I thought was very important and just figured dirt was dirt! As you can imagine, all my plants, lettuce, potatoes and strawberries were eaten by slugs and very quickly became dirt themselves.

After spending an awful lot of money and investing a lot of time into my garden and looking forward to digging up potatoes and using mint and strawberries in my Pimms, I realised that protecting your plants with the right soil is actually very key.

The Good Gardeners International, a charity that also sells products to support their work, have one of the best soils to not only help your plants thrive, but protect them from disease and those pesky slugs that devour everything in sight!

With spring fast approaching and many of us looking to get our gardens ready for the warmer months, it’s worth getting your hands on some better soil ahead of planting or potting – sorry slugs!



Investigate What Will Actually Grow in Your Garden


I’ve made the mistake so many times when living in my flat, and then moving into the city in Bristol. I don’t do my research. I buy the prettiest plant, or the veggies and herbs I want, without actually knowing if my house and garden can provide the right environment for them to grow.

It’s a good idea to seek out the sunniest places in your home or garden, measure how long these spots get sunshine for and how much of your garden stays in the shade.

Knowing this means that you can find plants that will thrive in these locations and you can enjoy watching your plants grow, rather than witnessing them wilting away.

Most garden centres or plant shops will be able to talk you through what plants will be the best for your home, and recommend some that are easy to take care of and give you information on how and when to move them, re-pot them and harvest any fruits or veggies.


I’m really looking forward to trying my hand at gardening again this spring/summer and I’m confident I’m armed with the information and tools I need to make it work, despite living in the city!