Festive Traditions

Festive Traditions

I wanted to write a post about festive traditions because for me, Christmas and the festive period in general is so focused on friends, family and creating memories that I’ve made a few festive traditions without even realising it.

Here are my festive traditions!

Advent Calendars

A tradition that most people have of course, but in my family, we’ve always made a big effort with advent calendars. My mum will usually get me a beauty calendar, or something a little more personal. A few years ago she bought individual presents and wrapped them up so it was like a big goody bag and I could choose one everyday. Even when you’re an adult a bag of presents is still very exciting!

My favourite thing about advent is getting presents for others and I tend to buy everyone a chocolate calendar and then something fun like tea, beer, Playmobil or Lego.

For Toby, I will either create a calendar for him and make a little riddle for him to find the gift around the house, or last year I bought him a whiskey calendar from Masters of Malt, which he absolutely loved.

I always like to include pets in advent too, so I get the cats and dogs calendars so they can join in the festive fun!

Advent calendars are a big part of my Christmas and something I will never not do during December!

Christmas Eve Boxes

Over the years Christmas Eve boxes have really taken off and become really popular, but my family have been creating Christmas Eve boxes, or just a little Christmas Eve present for years.

My mum will always get us a little present for the night before Christmas, and I will make a Christmas Eve box, usually for my mum and dad, Toby’s mum and dad and for Toby. I also like to make a box for the pets too!

Sometimes I will also get little favours. A couple of years ago my brother and his family joined us for Christmas Eve dinner, so I got everyone a crystal that reflected something in their lives or that I felt was fitting for them and had them as little favours on the table to open during dinner.

I wrote a post last year on what I like to include in Christmas Eve boxes so I’ll link this here in case you want to make one yourself.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a must within my wider family, mainly because there’s so many of us, and is also a firm tradition within my gal pal group.

We spend a weekend or take a day trip to Suffolk each year to do Secret Santa and spend some time together playing games and catching up and I will do the same with the girls too!

Last year was a little different, but we still did our Secret Santa draw, we just posted our gifts and did a Zoom chat (which accidentally lasted 5 hours – can you tell we’re obsessed with each other?), and opened our gifts.

Christmas Dinner With My Girls

Along with the Secret Santa gift giving, we like to go away, or one of us will host a Christmas lunch and we have lots of food, Prosecco and wine and cuddles.

We usually play games, or just mess about and have lots of festive fun.

Christmas Market

I wrote a whole post on Christmas markets earlier in Blogmas, so you can probably tell that I’m obsessed. But yes, this is a tradition I like to keep. I don’t really mind what market it is or where I go, but I like to collect Christmas decorations and have a day or evening purely dedicated to mulled wine and being totally festive.

Festive Movie Night

Ooooh how I love a Christmas movie night! Christmas movies are my all time favourite and I have a huge list of movies I like to watch every year. I like to have a whole evening dedicated to watching cheesy festive films, ideally with my friend Kar who equally loves cheesy movies, and I like to wrap my presents too!

Christmas Party

This has been a tradition for me for a few years now, but took a backseat last year and has again this year which has made me really sad! I wanted to include it in this list though, as it was and still is very special to me.

When I lived in my flat, I hosted a Christmas party every December, usually a couple of days before Christmas and invite my friends, my family and my brother’s friends to come and join in with lots of cocktails, wear black tie, and generally have a fun festive time. It’s the perfect time of year to get everyone together, including all the boys and gal pal partners.

I would love to know what your traditions are so please let me know over on Instagram!