Festive Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine Recipe

Mulled wine is an essential over the Christmas period. It’s the perfect thing to serve for any festive gathering or even just for a warm winter evening by the fire. What I love the most about making mulled wine is you can make a huge batch of it and leave it simmering away staying warm so you don’t have to keep making drinks from scratch when you’re entertaining guests. Also, the longer you leave it, the more intense it tastes so it just gets better and better throughout the evening. 

If you’re a red wine lover or you gravitate towards a sangria in the summertime, this is the ideal festive drink for you! 

This recipe below is one of my favourites for mulled wine and can easily be doubled or even tripled depending on how many people are going to be drinking it! You’ll need to grab yourself some mini gourds or some festive mugs for serving and if you’re going to be serving at a party, a punch bowl is the perfect way to serve. 




1 bottle of red wine 

1-2 oranges (depending on size and flavour preference)

6 whole cloves

3 whole star anise

3 cinnamon sticks 

90g honey (or agave/maple syrup to make vegan)

120ml brandy/bourbon/cognac (optional)

Take a large saucepan and add all the ingredients to the pot. The mulled wine should start to simmer and then you will need to turn the temperature down and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Make sure you don’t let the mulled wine boil during this time. 

Serve and enjoy!