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Let’s talk earrings


Earrings are so big at the moment and decorating your ears with beautiful jewellery has become a fashion statement of its own. My love of earrings started when I was 5 and begged my mum to let me get my ears pierced and has pretty much escalated consistently since then.


Basic Hoops


I went for years (since my early teens to my late twenties), unable to wear hoops because I have what my friends named, ‘instant chav face’. I’m not joking, the second a pair of hoops touch my ears I might as well be wearing fake Burberry and donning McKenzie trainers (no offence anyone)! Luckily (I am crossing my fingers as I type), I seem to have grown out of this, possibly since I chopped all my hair off or maybe I just don’t care anymore! I’m so glad this phase has been and gone as I love to wear hoops. My favs at the moment are small hoops as they are less obvious and add a little something more than a stud. I’m certainly partial to a big hoop now and then and as far as i’m concerned, the chunkier the better. I also really love different shapes too. I have a pair of hexagonal hoops which add a little more shape and detail.



Simple Studs


Every girl needs a go-to pair of studs. Little silver bars are great as they’re simple and go with everything but, aren’t as plain as normal studs. Simple studs are perfect for the days where you just need to get up and go or when your outfit needs some plainer accessories to avoid total style overkill. I like to leave most of my piercings in all the time and this is where your basic stud comes in handy. They go with everything and are reliable.



Ear Cuffs


Ear cuffs are my favourite accessory and are so easy to wear. I have a couple from Astryd and Miyu and highly recommend getting ear cuffs from here as they are amazing quality with so many to choose from. I love the angular cuffs as they add texture and are more obvious if you want your cuff to be noticeable, but the smaller ring shaped cuffs create just as much of a statement and fit to the shape of your ear so nicely.



Statement Earrings


Statement earrings are perfect for dressing up a simple outfit, or adding something extra to an already dressy style. I’m really particular about the statement earrings I wear and much prefer to pair them with a band tee and jeans to create a more alternative vibe.


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