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Converse are the perfect shoe that goes with everything! I love my converse so much and over the years have lost count of how many pairs of converse i’ve owned.

I currently have low top white leather converse and low top red converse too and they are both beautiful. I’m not gonna lie, I struggle to break in converse, but if you have the stamina and will power to make it through the breaking in phase you will be oh so happy. Having said that, I’ve heard so many people say that they are the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever worn from day 1 so it’s clearly just a matter of opinion and foot preference haha!

Since my teenage years I’ve had probably every colour and style of converse under the sun, including; black pinstripe, all black, white hi tops, fluorescent pink high tops, camo high tops, white leather, canvas white, red, classic black and white – you name it, I’ve probably had it!

Converse are such a classic and reliable brand and there will always be a place in my wardrobe for a pair. If you don’t have a pair, you need to add this to your list and make the investment, it’s worth it I promise!

Tye Dye
Low Orange
Low Pink
Chunky Pink & Blue



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