Christmas Spritz

Christmas Spritz

If you’ve seen my vlog in Edinburgh you will know I’ve come back a lover of Irn Bru. I’d never tried it before but it’s my new fav!

I don’t like super fizzy drinks and I find the fizz in an Irn Bru much more similar to a tonic, where the bubbles are finer and it’s all about the flavour.

As you know I love a Negroni, and last year I created a Frankincense and Myrrh Negroni which I absolutely loved and recommend you try if Negronis are your thing. This lead me to thinking about adding a Scottish twist. The great thing about gin based cocktails is you can make a super low alcohol version using alcohol free Gordons or Tanqueray if you’re not a big drinker.

If you want to sip a festive cocktail this December, then grab these ingredients and enjoy!



Irn Bru

(I use a can and this is about the right amount for two depending on whether you want to make it a relatively short drink, or a longer tipple)

1 shot of your preferred Gin


Give it a little stir, pour and sip!



I would use a coupette glass, or alternatively a tumbler with ice, as I actually really enjoy tumblers for cocktails, so whichever is your personal preference.

For a garnish use a wedge of orange, or in this instance I went for lime.

If you’re looking for some of the old Blogmas cocktail recipes I will list them here so you can check them out!


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