Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are a must every year for me. There’s nothing more festive than strolling the streets amongst the hustle and bustle, sipping mulled wine and pursuing the Christmas market stalls.

I always find cute little gifts and decorations which are that little bit more special because they’ve been made with love and usually crafted by someone local. It’s great to support smaller businesses and individuals, and I often tick off so many things on my Christmas list while thoroughly enjoying my shopping experience!

It’s also a good excuse to get the girls together, or meet up with friends and family to spend some festive time together.

Obviously last year meant that a lot of Christmas markets didn’t go ahead so this year it’s time to make up for it! Here are my three favourite Christmas markets if you’re in the south of England!



Bath Christmas Market

It’s been a turbulent time for me and Bath market. I heard it was back on, with extended dates and it was going to be bigger and better than ever and I was thanked all the stars for bringing one of my favourite markets back for 2021. After being distraught, I did find out that it’s no longer going ahead, but instead will offer an online version… phew!

Typically Bath has over 150 chalets, with a mix of homeware, handmade jewellery, personalised presents and more! You can pick up a mulled wine or hot chocolate, and sample delish festive treats from many of the food stalls too! Of course, being in the centre of Bath you’re walking amongst the stunning architecture and Cathedral, around the thermal baths and past the huge amount of shops and pubs that Bath has to offer. All of the above being the highlight of my Christmas market experience! But Alas – online will have to suffice. I do love the idea of being able to buy from smaller businesses and keep the market alive, during tougher times.

I typically go to Bath Christmas Market with my girlfriends, and after a few hours of shopping the stalls, we make our way to one of the cosy little pubs, grab a wine and relax by a cosy fire.

Bath market is a must if you haven’t ever been, and a firm favourite for those who have. I recommend visiting the online market to support local businesses and try something new, and ensure that it’s one of the first things you mark in your diary for 2022!


Bristol Christmas Market

Bristol Christmas Market is very different to all the others! It’s much, much smaller and there isn’t a huge amount there, but every year there seems to be a little more and to be honest, it has everything you need. A festive bar, a few stalls and there’s always something fun like curling which is always a great idea!

Because I live in central Bristol, I will of course be showing up to the Christmas market here, but I wouldn’t come especially, however if you are local or visiting Bristol anyway then it’s a really fun evening.

I’m looking forward to being able to have a mulled wine, pick up some decorations and hopefully be able to do some curling as I really missed doing all these things last year, and with it being on my doorstep it’s so easy!


Edinburgh Christmas Market

Surprise! We’re going to Edinburgh and are just leaving as this is going live! Going to Edinburgh’s market is one of the things I’m most looking forward to because it’s renowned for being one of the best in Europe – and that is saying something!

The market runs from mid November to January, which is amazing because it means that you can find time to go without having to rush smack bang in the middle of December if you’re super busy or all your weekends are booked up.

As with every Christmas market, there’s plenty of mulled wine, local and handmade gifts, great food and also a skating rink!


Frome Christmas Market

Frome’s Christmas Market is slightly different to Bath, as it runs over one or two weekends rather than consistently over a period of time, so if you want to attend you’ll need to check that you’re free on the dates it covers. This year it falls on the 5th December which is the first Sunday in December, so this one is coming soon!

Frome is such a cute town and has a much more personal feel to it than other, bigger markets. That being said, Frome’s market has become much more popular over the years and attracts a lot of people from the local area and further afield.

I’ve purchased some really lovely and unique gifts from some of the independent sellers there and am hoping to find time to go again this year.


Winchester Christmas Market

I visited Winchester Christmas Market with the girls a couple of years ago, and it’s a great market to go to if you also want to go for lunch or dinner as there’s lots of restaurants close by.

The market itself is in a park just off the city centre, so it has a really nice, spread out feel to it, and it’s nice to walk around without feeling so packed in.

I’ve found a few things at Winchester that aren’t at other Christmas markets, and it’s definitely worth adding to your list of things to do if you’re in the local area.