Chat & Life Update

Chat & Life Update

Hello everybody 🙂

How are you? I’m assuming you’re all having your good and bad days, with hopefully a few more good days with the sunshine and some normality really helping the general mood!

You may have never seen a blogpost from me before, or you may have seen a few, but I’ve been writing this blog for years now, but rarely just chit chat.

I personally love reading informational blogs; comparing or reviewing products, giving fashion inspo, and telling me what I should be doing/eating/wearing etc. That being said, I’ve been reading more casual chatty blog posts and I’ve been loving it.

Because social media and marketing is my career, and this blog is obviously a hobby but is also my job too, I felt like I needed to do a lot of research, take a lot of time thinking of topics or products, finding the best prices for these things and focusing on teaching my audience something over just rambling about my thoughts, it’s just not something I’ve done. I guess I felt it was just too easy if I just sit and write without a purpose.

It’s occurred to me that it’s these are the chats that really create a bond and form a relationship between the reader and writer, and I genuinely feel connected with those whose blog posts I read that talk more freely, whereas I don’t feel that many of you know me very well at all, purely because I’ve never really told you!

I’ve been creating a lot of video content lately, for a few reasons. 1, because one of the brands I’m an ambassador for requires video content so work-wise I can’t keep avoiding it, and 2, because I want to share more of my personality and have a deeper connection with those who engage with my content.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve made a lot of video content that’s made it absolutely nowhere (haha), and some of these videos are on my Youtube channel just waiting to be put live – why is it so hard to share yourself online??

If you do have a Youtube account and you want to see what I’ve been up to and some more information on the brands I work with and what I actually do with my day, then head over there. It’s so awkward actually going ahead and putting yourself out there without just writing words or taking a photo, but it’s something I’ve been trying to push myself to do for the longest time and I think if the last year has taught me anything it’s that you never know what’s going to happen and living with regrets hurts no-one but yourself.

Currently my mental health is not ideal, but I can tell you now that it’s worlds apart from where it has been, and is certainly much better than it was this time last year. I had a few major dips mental health-wise and found finding support when I wasn’t able to have real life conversations or see anyone very, very challenging.

In a way, I’m really glad that I experienced these feelings, because whenever I have a difficult time in any aspect of my life, the learning experience is worth it’s weight in gold and these things essentially make you a far better, and wiser person at the other end of the tunnel.

It’s also a really good gauge of how much better you feel when you can look back and see that those times were so much darker.

In more positive news, I’ve been able to see friends and family and all of a sudden seem to be booked up for most weekends until September, which is just crazy to me! Who knew our calendars would spring back into life and become completely choc-a-block again?! I’m very happy about it and am finding that having more things to do, people to see and errands to run is helping me so much more than I could have ever imagined.

I’ve always been a busy person and often felt overwhelmed with handling so many people and things all of the time, and at the start of 2020 I moved to a new city 2 hours from everyone I knew, quit my employed job to work for myself and obviously went into a lockdown, so my routines along with everyone else just went from such one extreme to the other, so much so that it was a total shock to the system.

Even though it’s good to keep in mind not to go completely back to how things were before (there were great lessons to be learned from lockdown and not overbooking and overworking yourself is certainly a good one to take with you), it’s doing us all the world of good!

The great weather we’ve been having (albeit a little on and off), has also massively helped – vitamin D is such a great vitamin for feeling good, and let me tell you, getting some sun on your skin (safely of course, don’t come at me haha), is quite literally the best thing for us all. I get a bit of a tan and instantly feel invigorated, motivated and just so much better about my body, both inside and out. If you’re not making the most of the weather then get yourself outside and get some fresh summer air in your lungs and some sunlight on your skin and you will feel like a brand new human!

I know you’re all going to laugh at me (but if you know me this won’t surprise you in the slightest), I’ve been planning a lot of Christmas content over the last week and it’s making me extremely happy!

I re-watch vlogmas videos every summer because I always really miss Christmas at this time of year, and when we do have some bad weather during the summer, I like to indulge in it and make the most of it by taking baths and watching festive movies and content.

I don’t know if anyone can relate to this, but I always find it much more motivating to write content when it’s not currently happening. During winter I look forward to summer so much that writing summer content and planning what I’m going to do makes me excited. And during the summer, my festive creative juices are flowing!

This happens to me every year, but it’s actually really handy because when the time rolls around I’m so organised and to be honest, December is a time where I really need to be organised. I love Christmas (clearly), and so I like to pack my December full of festive days out, trips away, crafts, markets, days with friends and family and pretty much anything festive you can think of. I also do what I call ‘Blogmas’ (the blogging vlogmas of course – is this a thing anyone else does?). I post a blog post every day from the 1st of December leading up to Christmas Eve!

24 blog posts might not sound like a lot, but I’m telling you now, it’s a lot of work! So to sum up, I’m super excited to be this organised already haha!

I have a new camera… a Canon G7X Mark III, which is a camera I’ve been dying to try for a while, and after selling my DSLR’s earlier this year and then selling my Panasonic Lumix GX80 a few weeks ago, I thought it was the perfect time to invest in something much more compact, lighter and with a digital zoom. So far I’m absolutely loving it and can’t wait to shoot and film more with it as I’m still not over the novelty – plus new gadgets are just the best!

I’d love to know how you guys are feeling, what you’ve been up to, and what things have changed over the last few weeks. What are you still trying to hold onto from the last 18 months and what things are you really happy to see the back of?

Thanks for the chat guys and I can’t wait for your comments and DMs and maybe, just maybe… I’ll see you on Youtube!