Business Essentials

Business Essentials

Recently I’ve touched on a few different elements of business; making career changes, what to do with your branding, and now I want to talk about one of the most fun parts of owning a business or starting a new venture – getting your logo on, well everything!

We’ve all been there; notebooks, pens, mugs, usb sticks, t-shirts, tote bags… it’s so much fun to see your business take a physical form, but we can’t forget a classic… the humble business card.

Yes, this seems a little old-school, but you’d be surprised at how much business you can get via word of mouth, and what better way to ensure that your friends, family and contacts are able to relay your information on demand than having a few business cards to hand.

I’ve always been a lover of business cards, probably because when you spend a lot of time and money on creating a logo, choosing a font, building a website, working 24/7 to get business, you want something physical to represent the hard work.

For those of us who work in a digital world, there’s not always a product attached to the blood, sweat and tears, and for me, having a little card to take up a little physical space in this universe is something I love to do!



There’s been many times where I’ve gone to recommend a friend’s business, but have had to scramble around for my phone, to scroll through Instagram, or hope that they’ll remember the information I’m telling them by the time they need to make contact.

Business cards are a great way to have all the info you need, and also an amazing way of familiarising people with your logo, colours and branding.

I recently got these cards printed for the business myself and my partner share, Maby Media, as there’s been a few instances where people have commented that they met someone who needed animation, videos, or help with creative projects but that they just told them our name and hoped they’d contact. Well, for a start Maby isn’t spelt like you’d imagine so there goes anyone actually being able to Google the right thing for a start, and secondly, I don’t want to rely on someone’s memory serving them.

I got these cards with the intention of sharing with family, friends and clients so that they’re on hand when a conversation goes that way – word of mouth with a little help if you like!

These cards were printed by Aura Print, and I was really impressed with the quality and finish of the cards. We decided to create something colourful and fun, but that matched with the colour and style of our logo.

We’re creators and it’s hard to show that on a business card, so if you’re business isn’t easy to interpret in a simple image, or sentence, the use of colours, and different elements from your logo can create a sense of recognition with your name, rather than what you do, and the latter will happen naturally.

I was super impressed with the quality of the cards, they’re super thick and the colour around the edge adds a really nice touch. If I’m going to go old-school, I want to at least be a little different.



The pricing is great and the service was amazing. You can collect if you’re local or they can deliver if you’re further away, and my card actually got put down for local delivery, however the team were helpful and solved the issue quickly and my cards were with me the following day.

I’ll be handing these out to friends and family so that when conversations with their own colleagues or friends goes towards creative or business projects, our details and branding is the first thing they see! It also gives me that little bit of new business excitement all over again, even after almost 2 years! Plus, Buddy loves them so that’s all I need to know 😀



Aura Print also do other business products too, including stickers (a particular favourite of mine), product tags, and a tonne of other things too like greeting cards, wedding invites and save the dates.


*This post was kindly sponsored by Aura Print and the cards were gifted.