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City: Bath

Country: UK

Driving time from London: 2hrs 25mins

Best Time to Visit: The summer months are the best in terms of weather and guaranteeing some sunshine, or at least a break for the rain! However, Christmas is probably the best time to visit Bath for atmosphere and feeling festive! The Christmas market is usually open between late November and Mid December.







My top 3 things to do in Bath

Bath Spa

The Roman Baths

The Christmas Market



Bath Spa

Bath spa is well worth the visit, especially for the rooftop pool with views over the beautiful city. You can indulge in a treatment, or enjoy the steam rooms and saunas. This is perfect for a romantic trip with your partner, or a getaway with the girls.

You can find tickets for as little as £36 depending on what day and time you want to visit. My tip is to visit midweek or in the evening for the best experience, and bank holidays and weekends are when the spa is busiest.


Roman Baths

The Roman Baths are a huge part of the cities history and if you are travelling to Bath, they are a must see.

You can visit the original hot spring baths and the pump room, along with the museum. Tickets start at around £20 per person but this gives you access to all areas of the baths.


Bath Christmas Market

I love the Bath Christmas market. Living in Bristol made the market so convenient for me, but even when I live outside of Bristol, I still go every year with my girlfriends.

The market itself is pretty similar to most Christmas markets, but the setting and atmosphere is amazing. There is great food, drink, stocking fillers and souvenirs and plenty of pubs for when it gets too cold to peruse!

Parking can be a nightmare at this time, so I recommend either accepting that you will stuck in traffic for hours and prepping a good playlist and some snacks, or getting the train into Bath. The market is only a short walk from the station so is probably closer than driving and parking and will definitely get you in and out of the city a lot quicker than the roads!





Other things to do in Bath

I always recommend the sightseeing bus, especially if you haven’t been to a city before as it provides a great overview of the cities history, and helps you get your bearings to navigate around town. Most of the time the guides are really charismatic and so entertaining so it’s pretty much a comedy show and sightseeing tour rolled into one.

If you’re a dessert lover, Sally Lunns Buns is a world famous tea room in Bath and is famous for it’s unique buns and the tea room is located in one of the oldest house in Bath. If you’re more about your caffeine fix then there are lots of nice coffee stops throughout Bath, including The Bath Coffee Co which is my personal fav.

Is there anything more typically British than enjoying a pint at the pub? Bath has so many cute pubs with quirky decor and a huge selection of food and drink, so a trip to the pub is required, especially if you are visiting England and are looking for the full experience. See if you can find the smallest pub in Bath, and if your really lucky you might even get a table!




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