Adding Some Art Deco To My Home

Adding Some Art Deco To My Home

Art deco is one of my favourite interior styles, and I’ve recently (when am I not?!), been sprucing up the house after binging The Great Interior Design Challenge over lockdown and adding a couple of new pieces here and there and have been taking a lot of inspiration from the art deco scene.





If you also love a bit of interiors and are looking to incorporate a few art deco accents into your home, here are four ways that you can do so!



Geometric Prints

I just love a geometric print. These prints have definitely made a comeback and I think there’s no question as to whether they’re here to stay. Geometric floor tiles are my ultimate fav, and I’m currently deciding what pattern I want to go for in our kitchen.

By adding geometric shapes, you can add colour, depth and dimension to literally anything. I’m starting with the floor, but you can go for wallpaper, soft furnishings, bathroom tiles and pretty much any other surface you can think of. Without Toby here to hold me back, I think my entire house would be floor to ceiling geometric tiles, not gonna lie!


Statement Mirrors

Statement mirrors are so hot right now, and the choice of shape, style and design is pretty much endless. My dream is to get a huge art deco fan effect mirror for the lounge – a true classic in my mind!

We currently use mirrors as a statement by having different shapes and sizes. I’ve gone for a selection of wide, narrow, square and circular, with different materials to give a varied style throughout the house.


Club Chairs

Our dining room is quite big, but being open plan means that it’s the centre of the house. This is great because I really love the space and it’s a great place to showcase all of our art and be able to entertain in.

There were a couple of corners which felt a little empty and unfinished, and having empty corners was really bothering me. I decided to purchase a club chair for one of the areas, which is quite art deco by design, and it’s ¬†instantly created a little snug and feels much more homey and furnished than it was before. Our club has ended up being the perfect finishing touch and drop of comfort the room needed.



One of the key things I love about art deco interiors is the colour scheme. I’m a big fan of dark luxurious fabrics and deep colours, mixed with metallics and bold metals.

As you probably know, greens, blues and teals are my all time favourite colours, especially when it comes to interiors. These mixed with metallic accents and art deco silver are just my favourite colours and textures to play with.





Of course, before making any changes to my house (or anything to be honest), I like to take some time to Pinterest away and create boards for every room in the house, thinking about colours, textures, furniture, and placement.

If you want to update your home or are looking to refresh some of the smaller areas, get yourself over to Pinterest, search art deco and you’re good to go!