A Very Etsy Christmas

A Very Etsy Christmas

Come on, like you expected me to wait until December to use the C word?!

We all know I’m a preparation QUEEN and if there’s anything I like to have organised it’s Christmas.

One of my favourite things about shopping and planning early is being able to give a lot of thought to the presents I’m buying and choosing the perfect gift for that person. I have a big family, and good amount of friends I like to give gifts to at Christmas, including Secret Santa and of course, I like to give a lot of gifts to Toby and this year, Buddy too!

There’s absolutely a time and a place for your Christmas classics; perfume, socks, gift sets and gloves, but I like to get specific and in particular, support smaller businesses during the festive season. This is why every year I shop on Etsy!

It’s one of the first places I go for buying birthday gifts, or personalised presents – yes I did buy my friends cat a gift from Etsy this year, but that’s the beauty of Etsy, they literally cater for everyone!

Etsy’s Holiday Shop have an incredible selection of gifts to browse through for inspiration, and I’ve selected my favourites to share with you too!