A New Way To Combat Period Pain

A New Way To Combat Period Pain

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional and therefore am in no way able to give advice or make suggestions on anyones health or period care so please do consult a medical professional or the Daye website before you make any drastic changes or introduce any alternative therapies into your routine.

Periods are just the worst. The WORST. I know they’re different for everyone and that some lucky souls barely even notice when Aunt Flo comes to town, however I’m one of the unlucky ones who are pretty much a zombie every month. Ok I’m being dramatic, but that’s because I’m writing this on cycle day one so unless you’re approaching me with chocolate and a hot water bottle then expect to be karate chopped.

The days leading up to my period are where it begins for me. The pain, the fatigue, the misery… then day 1 comes and I might as well be hooked up to life support because whether or not I’ll make it through to day 2 is something I genuinely wonder every month haha! Once I’m passed the first 2 days I’m all good – not something that all girls can say so I do count myself as one of the lucky ones (when Im mid cycle and able to gain some perspective) haha. I guess I just get a weeks worth condensed into 2 days but I suppose that’s not a bad thing!

Lupus is massively effected by hormones so I know that half my issues around the time of the month are likely related to this, but I know plenty of women who battle with their cycle regardless of autoimmune issues. I’ve also noticed that many of us suffer with worse periods as we get older. I think for a lot of women that’s because you reach an age where a lot of your friends and age group are coming off contraception and are experiencing ‘real’ and ‘uncontrolled’ periods for possibly the first times in their life. I have a few friends, myself included who have been off contraception for many years, or have never been on it at all and the consensus seems to be that things do ramp up as we get a little older. I just want to mention again, I’m not a professional so please don’t quote me medically, think of this as coffee chats with the girls.

Some girls may also suffer with diagnosed, or undiagnosed issues which could make your periods far worse to deal with such as perimenopause, dysmenorrhea, fibroids, cysts or endometriosis to name just a few. Don’t be worried if you do suffer with period pain though, as cramps and pain is the most common symptom and in most cases just mean you’re completely normal and that your body’s doing it’s job. If you think that what you’re experiencing is not normal however, make an appointment with your doctor and talk it through with a professional. There’s nothing worse than worrying yourself ragged when you might just need to review your method of pain relief or contraceptive.

I’m one of those annoying people who doesn’t like taking pills and pain killers unless absolutely necessary, so most months I just breathe through the pain and moan through mouthfuls of chocolate at my boyfriend while he wishes he hadn’t been trapped in lockdown with me for the past year (that’s 12 periods and counting and I’m certain he’s counting…). However, I was doing some research for a different period post focusing on alternative period products a few months ago and came across the brand Daye.

As soon as I saw their website I knew I wanted to sign up. Everything they stand for is everything I love. They want to protect women and ensure that we’re informed and most of all safe. I go into far more detail in my previous post so if you want to know more click here to have a read. It’s shocking to know how unregulated women’s personal care is, especially when we can’t exactly stop getting our period and there’s literally no alternative but to use personal care products.

I think it’s essential that all girls and women have more of an education on this matter and I hope that schools are taking more responsibility now than they were when I was younger as the sexual health education I had at school was below par to say the least. Fortunately there’s endless online resources and these are far more accessible than they were when I was at school, but it’s easy to forget to check in with your own self learning and education so if you feel that you could do with a bit of a refresh then check out the links to Daye at the end of the post.

Daye have invested both time and money into helping women who don’t have access to safe personal care, while also pioneering ways to make period care work better for us in terms of pain relief, safeguarding and being environmentally friendly. All of which tick many boxes for me.

Daye have created 2 different types of tampon; Naked and CBD. Every tampon they create is made of traceable organic, toxin-free, sanitised, and sustainable fibres, meaning that there is little to no risk of infections and even TSS syndrome which is a very big concern to all tampon users. If you use tampons and want to continue doing so, using Daye’s Naked tampons is absolutely something you should try because you know that you’re keeping yourself safer while also reducing dangerous waste going off into landfill. The tampon applicator is recyclable and the tampon wrapper itself is completely water soluble! I couldn’t believe it when I got my first subscription and ran the tap over the packaging and watched it disappear into nothing my hand.

The CBD tampons are the same as the Naked tampons, but contain 100mg of high-potency (30%), full-spectrum CBD and 0% THC. This might seem a little strange, but vaginal mucosa contains the highest concentration of cannabinoid receptors in the human body after the brain, meaning that it’s an effective way of targeting pain relief directly to the source, which makes total sense.

I used to use CBD all the time, however I had a few bad experiences and stopped using it altogether until I discovered Daye. Since then I’ve used their tampons containing CBD with only positive effects. Not ingesting the oil and having the dose at the pain source works really well for me, so if you’ve been worried about trying CBD or have found that it wasn’t particularly helpful in other areas, it’s absolutely worth trying in your tampons!

I signed up to Daye last year and initially selected a combination of Naked and CBD tampons, but have since changed to CBD only as I much prefer using these now. I feel like if you can top up your pain relief then why the hell not! When you sign up you get a bag to keep your tampons in, a tin for your handbag or bathroom and of course, your tampons! I also paid to have a face mask as we’re wearing them all the time now and the money goes towards women’s charities and other projects that Daye work on, so I was more than happy to have my money going to a good cause.

The tampons come in a sleek parcel which fits through your letterbox so you don’t need to be waiting at home to receive it and the packaging is super cute so I still get excited to receive my parcel even after a few months. All you need to do is choose a date to suit you (usually just before your period), and select how many tampons you want each month. If you find that you don’t need a top up and have a few tampons left from the month before, you can change your next date or skip a month completely. I’ve done this as I went for the maximum amount to begin with so had plenty to last me the following month.

Not only do I love the company, the products, the design, the convenience and the way the subscription works, but I absolutely love their website and find it helpful and extremely educational. Even if you don’t want to use the tampons, I highly recommend you take a look at their blog and get yourself educated on your body and the options you have to take care of it during that time of the month, or even if you’re experiencing other issues relating to women’s health.

The subscription and products have worked so well for me and for the foreseeable future I don’t plan on making any changes to my period-care. I get my parcel every month and still get a little buzz when I open the box, I’m confident that my periods will be easier to manage with localised pain relief and that my body is safe with regulated and carefully thought out and traceable materials. My impact on the environment is reduced and I know that I’m supporting women all over the world by contributing to Daye and the work they carry out. Score!

So! If you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this post and my cramp-fuelled ramble then you most definitely deserve a gift! I have 3 mini sample packs to send 3 of my lovely readers and all you need to do is like the video on my Instagram and comment letting me know what you do to combat period pain. The sets each contain 1 super CBD tampon, 1 super Naked tampon, 1 regular CBD tampon and 1 regular Naked tampon and is the perfect way to see what you want to include in future orders!

If you want to get cracking and sign up straight away, use the code upgradeu-4748 for £5 off your first subscription – trust me, you won’t regret it!

Happy periods gals! x


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