4 Retinols You’ll Love

4 Retinols You’ll Love

If you haven’t heard the term retinol in terms of skincare then you’ve done really well to avoid it as retinols are everywhere and have been for a while now. 

Retinols are derived from vitamin A and are one of the most hyped product ingredients out there. Retinols increase cell turnover which means that a lot of specific skincare problems can be targeted and aided by using retinols. If you have issues such as pigmentation, fine lines and acne then you want to be including a retinol into your skincare regime. 

I’ve used retinols in my skincare for around 5 years, starting with The Ordinary and branching out in many different directions trying lots of different formulations by a variety of brands. I can tell almost immediately whether or not I’m going to like a retinol based on the texture and how my skin feels from the first application. 

You need to be careful with retinols and take care to follow the guidelines and not just go free for all and take thing into your own hands! Burns from retinol products are real – I would know! I’ve got carried away thinking I’m more tolerant to retinol than I actually was and ended up with burns, flakey and extremely sore skin twice. I learnt my lesson for sure and now do my research and read the recommended usage before using any new retinol or vitamin A products. 

Don’t let this scare you though! Using retinols is amazing for your skin and is probably the best thing you can use for combating ageing – something I want to make sure I’m fighting against at all times!  You may already have a favourite retinol, but in case you’re a newbie to the vitamin A game or you want to try a new brand or formulation here are my top 4.


Paulas Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment

I love this formulation and I also really like the packaging! The product comes out using a pump which is perfect for a product like this where you want to have a lot of control over how much you’re using. The main benefits of Paulas Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment is that it targets pore size and wrinkles, which is one of my main skin concerns.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed my pores are slightly larger than before and I want to do something to help reduce pore size before the problem gets out of hand! All you need is a pea sized amount three evenings a week, not more!! Trust me, not more haha!



Alpha H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

Alpha H Beauty Sleep Power Peel is designed to be used overnight, so you wake up with beautiful, fresh skin in the morning! It targets skin firmness, texture, age spots and elasticity. I like the texture and my skin feels completely renewed in the morning. Use a small amount two evenings a week and enjoy the results!



The Ordinary

The Ordinary have a range of different potencies and formulations so if you’re looking to try one, have a read and find the one that’s best for you and your skins tolerance. Their website has a great infographic which shows what each one does, how and when to use it and the strengths. I love The Ordinary and their products are so affordable, so if you want to dip your toe but don’t want to invest too much, The Ordinary is the perfect brand to try.


Sunday Riley

This retinol is one of the most gentle formulations I’ve tried, so if you have sensitive skin or you’re worried about having a reaction, I would suggest this as a place to start. The oil is to be used overnight and whenever I use it, my skin feels hydrated and smooth the following morning. There’s lots of other ingredients in there which makes it a great all rounder and not a specific retinol only treatment, so if you want to buy one product and have a lot of benefits rather than 3 or 4 different night products, this is the one for you.